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I'm a feisty, 29 year old female living in the Southern part of the U.S. I am addicted to all things Potter, especially all things Draco Malfoy.

I am married with one daughter and I work as a paralegal...and no, I do not get paid for the fanfics I write on my lunchbreak or when bossy's not looking ; )

I have a tendency to go off on extreme tangents. However, I refuse to apologize for any of it. I rather enjoy my insanity and typically I look for others who can fit in my straightjacket...I find they are more loyal than those who can't. Hey, we can SHARE, people!!

See, I'm a bit mental...but in all fairness I DID warn you : )

My fanfics are dominated by Dramione...and no, not your typical cliched tales involving a shared Head Boy/ Head Girl dormitory which enables the two of them to have raunchy sex all over their common room. Sorry...but my fics are more about putting the two of them in extremely precarious, not to mention highly amusing, situations. Typically, I utilize the inane amount of sexual tension to create a highly probable fic that screams hilarity.

Do I actually sound like I know what I'm talking about??

I am completely excited about discovering this new site and look forward to devouring the lovely stories...anything that can appease my addition to all things HP is definitely a good thing. Otherwise I start to twitch uncontrollably...withdrawals are NEVER a good thing ; )

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