Winners of the P. I. Awards

The results are in :) Congratulations to ALL that were nominated, thanks to those who participated and nominated + voted in these awards!!

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Congratulations to all the Winners :) All links are rated R12+

The Best Of's:

Best Writers Forum - SAYS and eHPF
Best Fan Girl - Labby and reallyginny
Best Reviewer - Labby, juls, ginwannabe, pookha and andharrywokeup
Best Collaboration - eHPF - Defining Moments

The Era's:

Best Next Generation Story - LJHufflepuff - Visions of Greatness
Best Post-Hogwarts Story - Georgia Weasley - In a Family Way
Best Marauder Story - Aurora Dawn - Mischief Managed
Best Hogwarts Story - reallyginny - Tracer and nevillessoulmate - The Thing With Feathers
Best Pre-Hogwarts - JLHufflepuff - For the Greater Good

The Genres:

Best Romance Story - reallyginny -Tracer
Best Canon Story - Aurora Dawn - Mischief Managed
Best AU Story - Renfair - The Dream of One Night
Best Drama Story - Eyriana - Silence and Harry_Potter_Mom - The Road Home
Best Angst Story - Georgia Weasley - Salvation Has a Name
Best Humour Story - Angel & JaxGranger - Brotherhood of the Travelling Hot Pants and to potterverse - The Malfoy Curse
Best Mystery/Suspense - Harry_Potter_Mom - The Road Home
Best Action/Adventure - Loony - The Dark Magic of Egypt

The Lengths:

Best Novel - Holly Ilex - What Goes Around…Comes Around…
Best Drabble - Eyriana - Take It
Best Trilogy/Series - Angel - Dying Embers Trilogy
Best Short Story - justlikemagic (aka Blue_Suede_Shoes) - Of Red and Silver, Gold and Green
Best One-Shot - ginwannabe - Catalyst

The Originals:

Best Original Story - Jessi - Biography of Death
Best Original Character (Original Fiction) - Angel - Shannon in Blindsided (New Award Made)
Best Original Character (Fan Fiction) - Renfair - Avrille Asphodel in The Dream of One Night

The Ships:

Best Ship - Romina Stephanie - James/Lily in Stars Shining Bright
Best Unusual Pairing - Pookha - Dudley and Lavender: A Love Story (New Award Made)

The Shrieking Shack Members Choice Awards:

Member's Choice (Graphic Artist) - Violet and Blue_Suede_Shoes
Member's Choice (Story) - LJHufflepuff - Visions of Greatness
Member's Choice (Beta) - reallyginny
Member's Choice (Author) - reallyginny and Jessi

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