Restricted Section

Gluttony will be opening up a Restricted Section. This is a place that will be password protected and only members I trust will be able to access this area. The Restricted Section will be a place where you can let go of the normal boundries of Gluttony's rules, and let your creativity take over.

--Elena on 02/01/12 - 06:51 pm 7 Comments

That could be REALLLLLY frightening. LOL! ;))

- BKL8008 on 11/01/12 - 02:32 pm

LOL - But also a place where you don't have to scale back on your scenes as much as normal.

- Elena on 11/01/12 - 11:03 pm

You mean I can have more and gore and body parts flying in every direction, with really lurid descriptions of carnage?! hehe

- BKL8008 on 12/01/12 - 07:23 am

Yes :)

- Elena on 14/01/12 - 05:37 am

Oh, carnage! We likes carnage! LOL ;) More battles!

- BKL8008 on 17/01/12 - 10:40 pm
OoOoO, this will be fun XD
- SiriuslyPeeved on 23/02/12 - 05:34 am

Ahhh i am intrigued :D

- wytchkitty13 on 25/02/12 - 04:09 pm