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Gluttony is designed to host multiple Fandoms with a Harry Potter focus, Original stories, and Poetry. This site is created by a fan to share with other fans. Gluttony is here to help you share your love for certain fandoms and hopefully read/meet other stories/fans while you are here.


To register to become a member of Gluttony, click on Login and then Register. If you decide to submit your own stories, please pay attention to the TOS and Site rules. If you are here just to read, please be aware of the warnings and ratings of the stories. These are put in place so you know what kind of content that you will be reading.


Temperance is Gluttony's Forum. This is a place to discuss and promote your stories, and have some fun. This is also where the Pure Indulgence Awards are hosted.


I hope you all have fun :)

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Random Story
Break Your Heart by speed of dark R15+
I'm only going to break your heart. A Sirius/OC one-shot inspired by the...
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Welcome to Gluttony, Eline :)
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Welcome to Gluttony, Jen25 :)
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The Company You Keep by MalfoysAngel MA18+
Lily and Snape's final blow up.
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More than fifty people died in the Battle of Hogwarts. There are many untold...
Floo Powder by granpa harry GA
Start with sand from a Sudan haboob, mix in Bacheldre white flour and seeds...
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After a strange disease takes the life of Astoria Greengrass's sister Daphne...
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Tales of the Battle by Northumbrian R15+
More than fifty people died in the Battle of Hogwarts. There are many untold...
Enough by Georgia Weasley R15+
After a strange disease takes the life of Astoria Greengrass's sister Daphne...
Prophecy Misinterpreted by DossyVilja R12+
This story unfolds around a prophecy by Cassandra Vablatsky in the 1960s, warning...
Play harmless by DossyVilja R12+
Two minutes is a long time for reflections.A Neville/Hannah one-shot.
Burning Secrets by DossyVilja R12+
Most say your actions define your character. But others would disagree: one’s...

Site News

Changing Servers

by Elena @ 07/11/17 9:16 AM  

Gluttony and Temperance will have some down time as I move the site to a more economical hosting server. I apologise for any inconvenience and will let you know when the site is ready to go.

Hall of Fame - Winners

by Elena @ 05/08/17 9:30 AM  

Congratulations :) Can the winners please contact me either by PM on Temperance or emailing me: admin[at]gluttonyfiction[dot]com so I can organise your vouchers. Awards and PDF versions of the awards are available from Temperance: Hall of Fame - Winners.

Best Ship: We have a tie. SiruslyPeeved for Severus/Lily in Unwritten and datbenik513 for Hermione/Harry/Luna in Shadowlands

Best Story: What Goes Around…Comes Around… by Holly Ilex

Best Fan Girl/Boy: Again, we have a tie: Holly Ilex and Gubby


Best Member: BKL8008 - Keith, while a silent member now, was one of Gluttony's biggest supporters over the years. He always wanted to help, try and advertise, participated in competitions and even made some badges for prizes. I am honoured to have him as a member here at Gluttony.

Best Author: ginwannabe - Choosing this category was hardest. There are so many wonderful authors on Gluttony so I chose based on the most favourited author. This also accompanied my decision along with Taryn's participation over the years in competitions and also helping with the site.

Best Reviewer: By far the easiest to decide upon, Holly Ilex with a massive 790 reviews on Gluttony. Holly was also always part of Gluttony's review-a-thons and I always looked forward to seeing her reviews. Thank you :)

I'm so sorry - Hall of Fame Awards

by Elena @ 02/08/17 1:16 AM  
I'm so sorry. I've got sick kids at the moment and my blood pressure is up - only 5 weeks to go till baby comes. I'll get these awards and announcements out in the next couple of days. Vouchers will be purchased and sent out by the 10th.

Hall of Fame Awards

by Elena @ 28/07/17 11:13 AM  

The Hall of Fame Awards are now closed. Winners to be announced on 31 July, 2017.

Hall of Fame Awards

by Elena @ 14/07/17 8:52 AM  

Due to an unexpected house move, I'm extending the Hall of fame awards to Friday, 28 July. Please poke your friends and get reading/voting :)

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